The grill-to-go. Despite its compact size, the ICON is a complete all-rounder and portable barbecue. It is slightly lower than the Monolith Junior and weighs around 35kg.

It is perfect for the balcony, terrace or simply taking with you out on your travels. The ICON offers you all the possibilities of the larger Monolith family members,  and more! Perfect for picnics and camping, a portable tabletop grill with unique extra features:

 - a removable lid allowing you to place the ICON fire plate directly on top turning your ICON into a plancha or teppanyaki-style grill with different temperature zones

-  a port for temperature controls

 Perfect for meat, fish, vegetables and more – no limits set – the ICON leaves nothing to be desired.


The 2021 Icon also features the NEW vertical exhaust top vent cap, designed to maintain a stable position when the lid is opened and closed, but maintaining the Monolith preference for a vertical exhaust to eliminate condensation stains: either to your food or to the external surface of the kamado. The Icon continues with the proven technologies featured when first launched:


Gasket system

  • Extended life Fibre Mesh gasket stapled to lid removes the possibility of adhesive de-lamination at high temperatures
  • Stainless steel plate replaces the gasket on the base so no need ever to replace, there’s no risk of damage from over enthusiastic wire brush cleaning and it’s the ideal structure upon which to set the Fire Plate plancha
  • Hinge design with removable lid for Fire Plate and Wok Crown cooking system
  • Guru ready nozzle. Fixed to the side of the Monolith base in the ideal location to support temperature regulation and ensure meat is cooked exactly to your liking by a BBQ Guru controller. Fit a BBQ Guru controller in seconds without need for adapter plates.
  • Segmented firebox with ash collection system


The Icon continues with a single piece heat deflector stone and charcoal basket both available as additional accessories.

Monolith ICON