Perfect for taking with you camping, caravaning or as a stylish "as and when you need it" feature in your garden.


This durable steel firepit comes in four panels, that slot together, to make a sturdy pit that you can keep cosy by. It can be used, with a grill or tripod, to cook up your camping feasts; or the flickering flames can deliciously toast your tasty marshmellow smores and add a fantastic ambience to your evenings.


Dismantling the panels ensures you have the ability to flat pack and store this firepit away easily and without it taking up valuable space in your boot, caravan or shed!



  • Dimensions: 400mm wide x 400mm deep x 300mm high 
  • Weight: 13kg 
  • Trough shaped bowl to hold logs, coal and other fuels 
  • Laser cut handles on all four sides enable easy movement of firepit to different locations when not in use.

Woodhouse Toad Portable Firepit - SM