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Knows her beans!

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Married to him...

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Managing Director

Hi! I'm Sharese. Chief organiser and lover of socialising! Family and friends are important to me......along with the wine and food that comes along with seeing them!



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Sales Director

Hey! I'm Kevin and I'm the talker! Love to sit down and have a chat, talking about what's going on. I have a million ideas a day and "sometimes" I actually have a good one!



Barista, Woodhouse Café

Hi, I'm Kaya. I love working with coffee and tea, and expressing my creativity and passion for it! I enjoy creating latte art and a great tasting beverage for customers to enjoy, especially with a treat on the side!

Married to her....

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Joiner & Workshop Manager

Adam works with Jason to create the amazing bespoke products you can get from us at Woodhouse Toad. He's VERY particular, always paying  attention to detail and is always coming up with creative ideas! We like Adam. 

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Carpenter & Operations Manager

Jason is who we spoke about when telling you about Adam. Jointly they create the amazing bespoke products. Jason enjoys creating things that are different and is extremely skilled at what he does. We like Jason too.

Likes burgers.....on doughnuts?!!

4ft 2" but not short on smiles or humour!

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Sales & Marketing

Sharese can tell you lots about  Meana ........but Meana can also tell you lots about Sharese we're saying nothing until Meana can speak for herself, when she starts her role with us!


The Little Troops

As we say, we're a family run business! So these mini workers are a regular feature at Woodhouse Toad - out of term times of course! Their top employment skills? Dab hand at welcoming other children, when they visit.....and serious skills in taste testing for the coffee shop cakes!! 

The"who are we doing this for?"

We are a down to earth, hospitable, family run business - who thoroughly enjoy outdoor living! So you can be sure you will be speaking with people who only want the best for you!

We love nothing more than firing up the barbeque for token burgers and sausages, or heating up the firepit to get a paella feast on the go with family and friends. If you enjoy socialising and relaxing outdoors, just as much, then with Woodhouse Toad you will find the things you need to create a stylish, luxurious outdoor space, to enjoy year round!

Woodhouse Toad has been developed so that you can have quality, bespoke outdoor garden structures built in your garden, choose from a range of barbecues, firepits, decking products and accessories, and achieve the style and comfort you seek for your outdoor living areas. 


You can be confident that you will receive a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service from your first contact with us.


We don't think we're invincible though, so if there is an occasion where something doesn't go quite to plan, you can feel reassured that we will always do our best to ensure you are always a priority. The service we provide, and your opinion, does matter to us.

So now you know a bit about us, feel free to follow Woodhouse Toad on social media and sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest styles and materials that will help turn your outdoor spaces into exactly what you want.